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Light Up Your Presence with Backlit DisplaysBacklit Displays - Illuminate your brand with 123 Displays' captivating backlit exhibit solutions, designed to shine and stand out at trade shows and events.

A Wide Range of Backlit Display Products 

At 123 displays, we're committed to helping you make a lasting impression with our top-quality backlit displays. Choose from our extensive range of options to find the perfect fit for your trade show booth, retail space, lobby, school, or marketing event. Our LED Backlit Display options, illuminated displays, backdrops, towers, counters, and hanging signs are sure to help your booth stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impact. Illuminate your brand and captivate your audience with our exceptional backlit displays.

When it comes to making your trade show booth shine, nothing captures attention quite like backlit displays. At 123 displays, we offer a diverse selection of backlit products to elevate your presentation: 

  • Backlit Illuminated Backdrops: Create a captivating focal point that sets your booth apart and leaves a lasting impression on your audience. 
  • Eye-Catching Towers: Our backlit towers are designed to captivate attention, making them ideal for trade show booths, lobbies, schools, and marketing events. 
  • Stylish Counters: Backlit counters provide both style and functionality, offering a convenient space to engage potential clients. 
  • Striking Hanging Signs: Elevate your booth with eye-catching backlit hanging signs that are visible from afar, helping attendees locate your display effortlessly. 

Cutting-Edge Features for Seamless Displays 

Our trade show-ready backlit displays come equipped with cutting-edge features like Silicone Edged Graphics (SEG) and pillowcase tension fabric graphics. These options ensure a seamless and edgeless finish, guaranteeing that your display looks flawless and professional. 

Budget-Friendly and Premium Options 

Explore our standout offerings: 

  • WaveLight Casonara Displays: Budget-friendly and perfect for impactful presentations without breaking the bank. 
  • Vector Frame Light Boxes: For a premium option with superior illumination and a polished look. 

Versatile Sizing and Configurations 

We understand that trade shows vary in size and layout. That's why we offer standard backlit lightbox display kits in sizes such as 8ft, 10ft, and 20ft. Our modular frames can be configured to meet your specific needs, whether you require a 10ft x 10ft display, a 20ft x 10ft booth, or even larger exhibits. 

Enhance Your Booth with Additional Accessories 

Consider adding extra flair to your booth with backlit towers, counters, and hanging signs. These additions will elevate your event space and ensure your display is unforgettable. 

Portable Options for Every Space 

For smaller spaces or tabletop setups, we offer portable counters and double-sided free-standing lightbox sign towers. These options guarantee that you can shine, regardless of your booth size. 

Advanced Technology for Eye-Catching Displays 

Our Backlit Trade Show Displays feature ultra-portable LED lightbox frames, engineered with energy-efficient LED lighting technology, seamless SEG fabric mural Trade Shows, and user-friendly modular display hardware. 

An Extensive Selection of Brand-Name Displays 

Discover the largest online selection of brand-name portable trade show displays in the USA, featuring a wide array of backlit displays, LED lightbox signage kits, and next-generation LED trade show lighting technology. 

Variety of Display Kits 

Choose from an array of brand-name backlit display kits, including V Burst tension fabric pop-up displays, Formulate Backlit Hanging Banner Displays, Coyote Tower Complete Backlit Trade Show Kits, and more. 

The Ultimate Frame-Trade Show Technology 

Our Tension Fabric Backlit Trade Show Displays offer 3-dimensional displays effortlessly. Different frame configurations provide endless design possibilities, allowing you to captivate your audience and stand out. 

Versatile and Lightweight Displays 

Our displays are versatile and lightweight, making them ideal for exhibitors on the move. Set up and pack away in seconds, perfect for busy event schedules. 

Large Format Displays 

Our Trade Show Illuminated Displays offer large-format areas that get you noticed at events. The aluminum frame structure is easy to transport, and high-quality dye-sub fabric graphics create a crowd-stopping presence. 

Make a Statement with Backlit Banner Displays 

Featuring unique shapes, elegant designs, and cost-effective solutions, our backlit banner displays are designed to make a statement and are a must-have for any trade show booth. 

Illuminate Your Hanging Sign 

Our Backlighting Frame kits can turn your trade show hanging sign into a lightbox, adding intrigue to your display. 

Make a Lasting Impression with 123 displays