Collection: Vector Frame Light Box Banners

Step into the Spotlight with Vector Light Boxes

Command the spotlight with Vector Frame Light Box Banners, elevating trade show, exhibit and conference standards. Engineered for innovation and illumination, these Backlit Displays flaunt streamlined 4 inch white aluminum frames and seamless SEG push-fit fabric graphics. Ranging tabletop to floor-standing, every custom-cut banner spotlights your brand, enthralling audiences.

At 123 Displays, we understand the critical role your trade show booth plays in making a lasting impression. Vector Frame Light Box Banners offer a seamless fusion of technology and aesthetics, creating a visual masterpiece that exceeds expectations. Illuminate your space with confidence, knowing that each banner is crafted with care and precision. Elevate your exhibit game with Vector Frame Light Box Banners—where brilliance knows no bounds.

Illuminate Your Presence: Vector Frame Essential Fabric Light Boxes

At the core of our offerings are Vector Frame Essential Fabric Light Boxes, showcasing the perfect blend of aesthetics and technology. The lightweight yet sturdy extrusion frame, combined with the brilliance of LED lighting, creates a seamless and frameless finish that stands out in any trade show booth, retail environment, or marketing space.

Effortless Assembly and Dazzling Display: Backlit Displays at a Glance

Experience the advantage of toolless assembly, where each frame piece effortlessly slides together. The result is a dazzling and stunning illuminated display that requires no tools for assembly. LED lights come pre-attached to the frame, and swivel lock feet add stability, making your exhibit not only visually striking but also easy to set up and disassemble.

Crafting Attention-Grabbing Visuals: 4in White Aluminum Frames and Seamless SEG Push-Fit Fabric Graphics

Our Vector Frame Light Box Banners stand out with 4in white aluminum frames that provide a sleek and elegant backdrop for your graphics. The seamless SEG push-fit fabric graphics are custom printed using dye-sublimation large-scale printing, offering single-sided or double-sided options to meet your specific needs.

Versatile Solutions: From Tabletop to Floor Standing - Custom Cut to Your Specifications

Whether you prefer a tabletop display, a floor-standing exhibit, or a custom-cut banner tailored to your specifications, Vector Frame Light Box Banners offer versatile solutions that enhance your presence at any event. Craft a display that attracts attention and sets you apart.

Toolless Assembly for Seamless Brilliance: The Advantages of Vector Frame Light Boxes

The toolless assembly ensures that setting up your exhibit is a breeze. Slide each frame piece together, apply the SEG push-fit fabric graphics, and plug in for a stunning illuminated display that requires no additional tools. The process is designed for simplicity and efficiency, allowing you to focus on making an impact.

The Power of Illumination: LED Lighting, Swivel Lock Feet, and Stunning Display

LED lighting is a crucial component of our Vector Frame Light Box Banners, providing an illuminated backdrop that enhances the visibility of your graphics. Swivel lock feet add stability, ensuring that your display stands tall and commands attention, making it ideal for retail, interior, and event environments.

  • Trade Show Booths: Transforming Presence and Visibility
  • Seamless SEG Push-Fit Fabric Graphics: Crafted for Impact
  • Lightweight Extrusion Frame: Sturdy, Sleek, and Elegant
  • Portable Brilliance: The Advantage of Easy Assembly and Custom Sizes
  • Dye-Sublimation Printing: Bringing Your Designs to Life
  • Warranty Assurance: Confidence in Quality and Durability