Collection: Rectangular Towers

Enhance Your Trade Show Impact with 123 Displays' Rectangular Towers

Explore Our Range of Powerful Rectangular Towers

At 123 Displays, we specialize in cutting-edge solutions that boost your visibility at trade shows. Our lineup includes the prominent WaveLine Blimp Tower and the Rectangular XL Blimp Tower, both engineered to grab attention and leave a lasting impression.

Achieve Seamless Elegance with Tension Fabric Towers

Experience the sophistication of our Formulate Exhibit Booths. Constructed with the latest printed fabric technology and curved aluminum frames, these booths elevate your trade show narrative with seamless elegance.

Versatile Towers for Dynamic Displays

Transform your trade show space with our Cylinder and Rectangular Towers. These structures boast 3-D capabilities that draw in attendees, offering the flexibility to craft displays that make a striking impact.

Simple and Effective Pop-Up Booths

Our Pop-Up booths offer an efficient solution for impactful displays. Outfitted with high-quality dye-sub fabric graphics, these booths are lightweight, easy to assemble, and transportable, streamlining your event setup.

Command Attention with Distinctive Displays

Take center stage with our Non-Illuminated Elliptical Stationary Displays, Triangle Perfex Frame Structures, and more. These units are designed to optimize large-scale graphics in compact spaces, ensuring your presence is felt.

Customizable Options for Every Need

Our Trade Show Tower Displays come in unique circular shapes that clearly convey your message. Customize with various shelving options like slatwall or gridwall to tailor the display to your specific needs.

Maximize Your Trade Show Success

In the competitive environment of trade shows, the visual appeal of your booth is essential. With standout pieces like the WaveLine Blimp Tower and adaptable display options, our Rectangular Towers help you surpass expectations and enhance your brand's impact. Experience the difference at your next event with our innovative solutions.