Collection: Hanging Light Boxes Vector Frame Displays

Hanging Light Boxes Vector Frame Displays for Captivating Visual Impact

Unveil the Power of Illumination with Our Cutting-Edge Hanging Light Boxes Vector Frame Displays. 

Unleash the Potential with Hanging Light Boxes Vector Frame Displays

Step into a world where innovation meets impact. Our Hanging Light Boxes Vector Frame Displays redefine promotional structures, offering a perfect blend of style and functionality. From quick assembly to captivating visuals, these displays are your key to making a statement in any space. Illuminate your brand journey with 123 Displays.

Ceiling Mounted Backlit Vector Frame Displays

Elevate your brand presence with our sophisticated Ceiling Mounted Backlit Vector Frame Displays. Crafted with a 100mm (4in) Extrusion Frame, these displays ensure a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Vibrant Push-Fit SEG Fabric Graphics

Make a lasting impression with Vibrant Push-Fit SEG Fabric Graphics that seamlessly integrate into the frame. The result? A frameless, elegant finish that captivates in any setting.

Pre-Attached Lighting Strips

Illuminate your message with ease using our Pre-Attached Lighting Strips. Quick assembly and a lightweight frame make these displays perfect for various settings, from trade show convention halls to interior spaces.

Molded Shipping Case with Wheels

Enjoy convenience from setup to transportation. Our displays come with a Molded Shipping Case with Wheels, ensuring safe storage and easy mobility.

Overhead Hanging Light Box Kit

Explore the possibilities of our Overhead Hanging Light Box Kit, designed to boost visibility and leave a memorable impression in any promotional setting.

Custom Sizes Available

Tailor your display to perfection with Custom Sizes Available. Our commitment to flexibility ensures your unique needs are met seamlessly.

Sleek, Elegant, Frameless, Seamless Finish

Experience a new level of sophistication with our displays' Sleek, Elegant, Frameless, Seamless Finish. It's not just a display; it's a statement.

Machine Washable SEG Displays

Practicality meets quality. Our SEG Displays are Machine Washable, making maintenance a breeze for a lasting, vibrant display.

Portable SEG Display Design

Take your message anywhere with our Portable SEG Display Design. Whether it's a trade show or an interior space, set up quickly for maximum impact.

Lifetime Warranty on Hardware

Invest with confidence knowing our displays come with a Lifetime Warranty on Hardware. Quality meets durability for displays that last.

1-Year Warranty on Graphics

Secure your investment with a 1-Year Warranty on Graphics. Our commitment to quality ensures your graphics maintain brilliance over time.