Collection: Formulate Counters

Introducing Formulate Counters: Innovative, Stylish, and Versatile 

When it comes to making a lasting impression at trade shows, exhibitions, or any marketing event, Formulate Counters are your ideal companion. These innovative, lightweight rectangular counters are designed to elevate your brand presence with a touch of modern elegance. 

Key Features of Formulate Counters

Custom-Printed Stretch Fabric Graphic: Formulate Counters come to life with custom-printed stretch fabric graphics that showcase your brand's visuals and messaging. These graphics provide a sleek and professional appearance, ensuring that your booth stands out from the competition. 

Magnetic Connections for Expanding Counter Size: Need a larger counter to accommodate your evolving marketing needs? Formulate Counters feature magnetic connections, allowing you to effortlessly expand the counter's size. Connect multiple counters together with quick snap connections to create a customized promotional counter that suits your requirements. 

Quick and Easy Assembly: Setting up your Formulate Counter is a breeze. The framework, constructed from a tubular 30mm diameter aluminum frame, push-fits together with ease. Each section is numbered for straightforward assembly. No tools required. 

Zippered Fabric Graphic for Secure Attachment: Once the frame is assembled, the tension fabric graphic effortlessly slides over the frame and zips up along the bottom. This secure attachment ensures your graphic remains in place, even during the busiest events. 

Space for Storing Items Inside: Need convenient storage space? Formulate Counters include a zipper on the reverse side, providing access to a hidden storage area. You can easily store promotional materials, brochures, or any essentials right within the counter. 

MDF Tabletop with Black, Thermoformed Finish: The counter's tabletop is made from durable MDF with a sleek black, thermoformed finish. It can hold up to 10KG when weight is evenly distributed, making it a practical surface for product displays or presentations. 

Easy Setup with Vibrant Full-Color Graphics: Formulate Counters feature easy setup and vibrant, full-color, dye-sublimation graphics printed on fire-retardant fabric for safety. These graphics not only add a visual pop to your exhibit but also ensure a professional and eye-catching display. 

Indoor and Outdoor Options: Whether you're exhibiting indoors or outdoors, Formulate Counters have you covered. We offer both indoor and outdoor fabric trade show display options, ensuring your brand's consistency and visibility in any environment. 

Customizable Design: Formulate Counters are highly customizable, allowing you to match your brand's aesthetic seamlessly. Choose from different color options and designs to create a counter that perfectly represents your brand. 

Modern Styling for a Standout Presentation: The sleek and modern styling of Formulate Counters guarantees a standout presentation that attracts visitors and potential clients. These counters are designed to make a lasting impression, ensuring your brand is remembered. 

Elevate your trade show or marketing event with Formulate Counters

These tension fabric counters are more than just display accessories; they are a reflection of your brand's commitment to quality and innovation. Don't settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary. Choose Formulate Counters for an exceptional display experience. Discover the versatility and impact of Formulate Counters at 123 Displays today