Collection: Essential & Lite Backwalls

Essential & Lite Backwalls for Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Discover the Versatile Formulate Essential & Lite Backwalls

Are you seeking an innovative and versatile solution to enhance your presence at trade shows and exhibitions? Look no further than the Formulate Essential & Lite Backwalls, a perfect combination of style, convenience, and impact. These displays offer an array of features designed to make your brand stand out.

Key Features of Formulate Essential & Lite Backwalls

Our Formulate Essential & Lite Backwalls come in various sizes, including 8ft and 10ft, ensuring you have the perfect fit for your booth. These backwalls boast a sophisticated and unique design, creating a shaped exhibit that catches the eye.

The inclusion of a zipper pillowcase fabric graphic, complemented by premium aluminum tube frames, provides a clean and stylish appearance. The snap button and spigot assembly, along with weighted feet, ensure stability and make setup a breeze.

With portability in mind, all our backwalls are conveniently packed in wheeled transit cases, making transportation a hassle-free experience.

Infinite Configurations for Your Unique Brand

The Formulate Essential & Lite Backwalls are not just one-size-fits-all solutions. Their versatility is a standout feature. You can create infinite configurations to suit your branding needs, with the opportunity for a 3-dimensional display that leaves a lasting impression.

The lightweight aluminum frame is durable and stable, yet incredibly easy to set up. The full-color zippered tension fabric graphic print ensures your brand message is presented in a striking and professional manner.

Perfect for Trade Shows and More

Our backwalls are not limited to trade shows. They are a versatile solution suitable for various events and environments, from pop-up booths to trade show displays.

With the ability to showcase custom images, these backwalls enable you to engage with your audience effectively. The flame-retardant fabric ensures safety compliance with fire codes, providing peace of mind for your team and attendees.

Unlimited Design Possibilities

Formulate Essential & Lite Backwalls offer limitless design possibilities, allowing you to create graphic walls, towers, podiums, counters, stand-offs, side walls, banners, hanging signs, and much more. Whether you have a standard or custom shape in mind, these backwalls can bring your vision to life.

Make Your Mark with Formulate Essential & Lite Backwalls

In summary, Formulate Essential & Lite Backwalls are the ideal choice for creating a memorable and professional presence at trade shows, exhibitions, and other special events. With their versatility, lightweight design, and striking graphics, these backwalls offer a practical yet stylish solution for your brand. Browse our selection today and elevate your exhibit to a new level of success.