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Counters & Podiums Excellence: Enhance Your Exhibit with Functional Elegance

Unveiling a Diverse Range of Counters and Podiums for Trade Shows and Beyond

In the world of trade shows, where first impressions matter, having the right counters and podiums can be a game-changer. At 123 Displays, we present an extensive selection of top-tier solutions that seamlessly blend style and functionality. Explore our curated collection, including Tension Counters, Backlit Counters, and more, designed to enhance your exhibit with sophistication.

At 123 Displays, we recognize the significance of counters and podiums in shaping a remarkable exhibit. Our diverse collection, ranging from Tension Counters to Popup Bar Counters, ensures that you find the perfect match for your brand. Elevate your trade show presence with our counters and podiums, where form meets function seamlessly. Explore the possibilities and make your next event a showcase of excellence.

  1. Tension Counters: Crafting Elegance with Every Detail

Discover the art of crafting elegance with our Tension Counters. These counters combine a sleek design with the versatility of tension fabric, providing a captivating backdrop for your custom graphics.

  1. Pop, Sip, and Showcase with Popup Bar Counters

Introducing Popup Bar Counters, where hospitality meets innovation. Perfect for businesses in the food and beverage industry, these counters offer a stylish serving station for events, indoors or outdoors.

  1. Illumination Beyond Ordinary: Backlit Counters

Let your brand shine with our Backlit Counters. Designed to add a touch of brilliance to your exhibit, these counters combine the practicality of a checkout station with the visual impact of LED illumination.

  1. Counter Case: Protecting Your Exhibit Investment

Ensure the longevity of your exhibit with Counter Cases. These cases provide a secure storage solution, protecting your counter investment during transport and storage.

  1. Vector Frame Counters: Where Form Meets Function

Immerse yourself in the seamless integration of form and function with Vector Frame Counters. These counters offer clean lines and vivid graphics, creating a cohesive brand presentation.

  1. Hybrid Pro Counters: Modernity Redefined

Redefine modernity with our Hybrid Pro Counters. These portable display counters not only make a stylish statement but also provide ample storage space with locking doors.

  1. Linear Pro Counters: Contemporary Sophistication

Elevate your exhibit with the contemporary sophistication of Linear Pro Counters. Exposed aluminum extrusion frames and laminate countertops create a sleek and professional look.

  1. Embrace Counters: Embracing the Future of Fabric Displays

Step into the future with Embrace Counters. Featuring collapsible frames and push-fit fabric graphics, these counters seamlessly combine practicality with visual appeal.

  1. Orbital Truss Counters: Industrial Charm, Captivating Design

Infuse industrial charm into your exhibit with Orbital Truss Counters. Made from metal truss frames and laminated countertops, these counters seamlessly blend captivating design with functionality.

  1. Symphony Counters: Harmonizing Style and Functionality

Experience the symphony of style and functionality with our Symphony Counters. These counters not only offer discreet storage but also provide a captivating platform to showcase your brand.

  1. Counters & Podiums Accessories: Completing the Exhibit Puzzle

Put the finishing touches on your exhibit with our range of Counters & Podiums Accessories. From graphic enhancements to additional functionalities, these accessories ensure a fully customized solution.

Trade Show Essentials: Beyond Ordinary

Explore the world of portable counters, where custom graphics and practicality collide. Our collection includes:

  • Portable Trade Show Counters
  • Folding Counters for Easy Assembly
  • Versatile Podiums and Reception Desks
  • Innovative Product Display Stands
  • Exhibit Counters for a Lasting Impression

Unlock the Benefits of Counters in Your Exhibit

  1. Combat Information Overload: In a sea of information, counters act as beacons, guiding visitors to find valuable information with ease.
  2. Stylish Display Stand: Beyond functionality, our counters serve as stylish display stands, showcasing your products, literature, or promotional items.
  3. A Writing Surface Where You Need It: Provide a convenient writing surface for attendees to fill out forms or engage in interactive activities at your booth.
  4. Discreet Storage for a Tidy Exhibit: Concealed storage within counters ensures that your booth remains clutter-free, enhancing the overall aesthetic.
  5. Sales Facilitation with Checkout Counters: Facilitate sales transactions seamlessly with counters that double as checkout stations, making it convenient for visitors to make a purchase.
  6. Tabletop Displays for Added Visibility: Utilize counters as a surface for tabletop displays, drawing attention to key products, promotions, or calls to action.
  7. Hospitality on Display: Demonstrate hospitality by offering beverages or snacks on your counter, creating a welcoming atmosphere for visitors.
  8. Branding Beyond Ordinary: Elevate brand awareness with eye-catching graphics, prominently displaying your logo, web address, slogan, core values, or mission statement.