Collection: 16ft Wave Hanging

Commanding Heights: The 16ft Wave Design

Go big and bold with our 16ft Wave Hanging Banners. Commanding heights and engineered for stability, these banners are designed to maximize visibility and impact. Certified by licensed structural engineers, the sturdy aluminum framework ensures durability, while versatile configurations offer creative freedom for grand trade show exhibits. Make a grand statement with our 16ft Wave Hanging Banners.

Maximize Visibility with our 16ft Wave Hanging Banners

  • Grand 16ft size
  • Certified structural engineering
  • Sturdy aluminum tube framework
  • Configurations for maximum impact
  • Streamlined assembly process
  • Dye-sublimation graphics for captivating displays
  • Perfect for grand trade show exhibits


Versatile Configurations for Grand Exhibits

For exhibitors looking to dominate the trade show floor, our 16ft Wave Hanging Banners are the ultimate choice. The grand size, combined with certified structural engineering, guarantees a commanding presence. The sturdy aluminum framework provides stability, and the versatile configurations allow for impactful displays. With a streamlined assembly process and vivid dye-sublimation graphics, these banners are perfect for grand exhibits that demand attention.

Expand your visibility and make a lasting impression with our 16ft wave hanging banner. Ideal for large exhibitions, these banners offer the perfect combination of size, stability and impact. Search our collection and take your trade show presence to the next level.

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