Collection: 12ft Hexagon Hanging

Showcase Exhibits With Oversized 12ft Hexagon Hanging Banners

Watch visitors look up in awe at spacious custom 12ft hexagon hanging banners stealing the convention hall spotlight from above the busy floor. Our superior suspended triangles captivate crowds using compelling imagery and strategic placement to highlight booth locations.

Structurally Reinforced 12ft Framework 

After collaborating on critical hanging points and proposed dimensions, our licensed structural engineers design ultra rigid yet lightweight triangle aluminum frames. This specially constructed suspended structure securely anchors custom 12ft printed graphics.  

Unparalleled Twelve Foot Canopy Visuals 

Our sought-after graphics leverage high resolution dye-sublimation printers that embed deeper highly saturated hues directly into the fabric. This results in unrivaled image quality and three dimensional grand format banners.   

Maximum Visibility From Every Perspective

Utilize the generous square footage of 12ft hexagons to feature branding imagery, booth wayfinding elements and exclusive show specials designed to attract visitors. Suspend centrally or position over ingress pathways to guide crowds from the busy floor.  

Superior Quality Proudly Engineered in North America  

With fast lead times and premium materials sourced close to home, our start-finish process enables us to deliver better quality control. Our 12ft hexagons meet rigorous stability standards for reliable performance and impressive longevity season after season.