Collection: 12ft Four Sided Pyramid Hanging

Own Your Space with a 12ft Pyramid

This four-sided fabric canopy prints vibrant custom graphics via dye-sublimation. The washable banner material then stretches across a simple aluminum frame that rigs overhead in minutes.

Key 12ft Pyramid Banner Benefits:

  • 12ft wide four-sided triangle hanging banner
  • Lightweight aluminum frame with tensioned canopy
  • Mounted for high visibility on bustling floors
  • Ample room for messaging elements
  • Creative and Captivating

Allow this expansive triangular canvas to make a strong visual impact with colors, images, text, and more custom elements. Place centrally to anchor high-demand zones.

Showcase Your Brand on a 16ft Four Sided Pyramid Hanging Banner

The substantial 16ft four sided pyramid hanging banner dominates from overhead by combining bold presence and spacious printed graphics. This display anchors busy zones.