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LACAJA Hard case with Box

LACAJA Hard case with Box

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SKU: A4D-WS-3990

Product Overview:

La Caja (pronounced "la ca-ha") is a hard, molded plastic carry case with wheels, shaped and developed to transport a 10' x 10' canopy more easily. Grip the soft handle to push or pull La Caja as it smoothly maneuvers through narrow paths. Its rectangle shape and inset wheels make it easy to stack or pack, fitting in spaces a rounded hard case won't. The two-piece box has luggage straps with clip buckle ends that wrap around the closed case and lock in place, secured in the harness slots.


  • (1) Molded case with wheels and straps


  • Case Outside Dimensions: 67" x 18" x 11.5"
  • Case Inside Dimensions: 64" x 16.5" x 10"
  • Shipping Weight: 21 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 69" x 20" x 12"
  • Applications: 10 ft. x 10 ft. Canopy, Resort Extrusion Hardware: Aspen, Vail, Whistler, Big Sky (custom cutting may be required to fit inside)
  • Not Compatible: Heavy Duty Casita Frame & Big Sky Acrylic Tops
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