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20ft x 8ft Gullwing Coyote Frame (Hardware 8x3 Fast Kit)

20ft x 8ft Gullwing Coyote Frame (Hardware 8x3 Fast Kit)

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SKU: A4D-OR-8477

20ft x 8ft Gullwing Coyote Frame (Hardware 8x3 Fast Kit) 

The superior and widely popular Coyote™ Pop-up collapsible display system combines strength, reliability, and style. Featuring lightweight, purple collapsible aluminum frames, magnetic channel bars, and magnet-applied rollable UV graphic panels or fabric panels, Coyote displays are an easy way to make an impact at any event or tradeshow.

State-of-the-art rare earth neo magnets on individual channel bars make Coyote displays fast and easy to popup and breakdown, especially when compared to complicated "snap-in" channel bars and fragile locking style systems. Display systems are offered in many sizes and configurations, from tabletop to 20ft long displays. Coyote pop-up displays are portable, versatile, durable, and easy.

Kit includes:

• 02 x curved frame (4x3)
• 36 x channel bars
• 08 x front curved panel hangers
• 02 x end cap panel hangers
• 01 x linking panel hanger
• 04 x Lumina LED7 floodlights
• 02 x OCX molded cases

  • Set-Up Instructions  Coyote
  • Specifications

  • Footprint 229.4"w x 87.56"h x 35"d
  • (2) 4x3 curved frames: 106"w x 87.5625"h
  • (1) connector: 24.5"w x 87.5625"h
  • endcaps: 23.5"w x 87.5625"h
  • total: 284.5"w x 87.5625"h
  • Approximate Shipping Weight 211 lbs
  • Shipping cases come with a 1-year limited hardware warranty.

    Coyote Pop-Up Add-ons Accessories:

     - OCX Standard Wheeled Display Case  View

     - Lumina 200 LED Display Light Black   Black

     -  or Lumina 200 LED Display Light Silver  Silver

     -  Coyote Internal Shelf Kit for a curved frame Coyote  Shelf Kit

     -  Coyote Monitor Mount  View

     -  OCL Large Graphic Case  Large Case

     -  OCS Small Graphic Case  Small Case

     -  Horizon Folding Panel Display - Medium Carry Bag  Medium Carry Bag

    Coyote displays are offered in a variety of sizes and configurations, ranging from 4ft tabletop units to 10ft full height displays available in curved or straight systems, and larger serpentine curved, horseshoe, and gullwing shaped systems. Frames are finished with your choice of either captivating graphic mural panels or versatile hook and loop-friendly fabric panels.

    There are a variety of accents and accessories available to accent your Coyote display, including internal shelves, monitor mounts, and case-to-counter conversion kits and graphics.

    With a wide range of sizes, shapes, and configuration options to choose from, the Coyote Popup system is remarkably versatile. Browse the available sizes and configurations below to choose the display that is right for your needs.



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