Collection: Square Hanging

Square Hanging Displays - Elevate your exhibit with 123 Displays' square hanging solutions, providing a visually striking presence and attracting attention at trade shows and events.Custom Square Hanging Signs - 5ft to 20ft Sizes

Suspend vivid full-color printed square hanging banners in 5ft up to 20ft sizes above your exhibit space from premier vendor 123 displays.

Draw Eyes Upward with Vibrant Square Hanging Signs

Bring dynamic dimension over your next trade show booth with a sleek square hanging banner from top exhibit builder 123 displays. Available in sizes from 5ft up to 20ft, these suspended signs allow for prominent custom graphics designed to wow attendees.Our tension fabric signs, featuring a pillow case design, provide a visually appealing backdrop for your marketing endeavors.Explore our curated selection, showcasing the expertise of the best trade show booth companies. Navigate the event floor with confidence, knowing that our Square Hanging Banners are certified for use and guarantee structural integrity, backed by a licensed structural engineer.

Delve into the diversity of shapes with our hanging banners, ranging from the sleek Circle (Tube) to the attention-grabbing Football and beyond. Whether you prefer the elegance of a Curved Square or the brilliance of a Tapered Square, our displays are designed to leave a lasting impression.

Structured with high-quality tension fabric and printed with state-of-the-art technology on vinyl material, our Square Hanging Banners offer vibrant and durable solutions for your trade show exhibit. Stand out among the competition with unique shapes like Triangle and explore the dynamic possibilities of S-Curve, Ellipse, and more.

Array of Square Hanging Sign Sizes

123 displays provides square hanging banners spanning:

Dye-Sublimation Printed Graphics


  • High-resolution print quality pops
  • Durable performance for long-term use
  • Vivid custom messaging/images

Architected to Impress

Constructed using structural aluminum framing and hardware approved by structural engineers to ensure safety and durability. Use as standalone focal points or anchored above larger exhibits!

Complementary Hanging Shape Options

Beyond squares, we also offer:

Backlit Hanging Displays Banner Displays

Explore endless options with the top trade show exhibit builder - 123 displays. Our team helps create, print and install hanging signs tailored to your brand and space. Request a quote!