Collection: 8ft Pinwheel Hanging

Showcase Your Brand with 8ft Pinwheel Displays: Single or Double-Sided Impact

Showcase branding on our 8ft single or double-sided pinwheel displays. The hanging banners with light aluminum frames and tensioned fabric graphics attract attention from the busy event floor.

Key 8ft Pinwheel Features:

  • 8ft wide banners with printed graphics on one or both sides
  • Durable dye-sublimated fabric canopy and custom prints
  • 5-minute hassle-free assembly with 2 installers
  • Visible when suspended over high traffic areas
  • Classic Single-Sided 8ft Pinwheel

Our one-sided 8ft graphic presents branding on a simple aluminum frame and printed fabric canopy ideal for centralized placement.

Double-Sided 8ft Pinwheel

Add more real estate with reverse printed graphics on both sides of the frame. This allows you to double messaging or tailor content.